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My name is Nina Fearon, owner of Knowingly Nourished, LLC. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I'm excited to see increased attention given to the healing, protective and restorative properties of food and holistic health practices.


This is not new information.


To me, it seems more like a returning.


A returning to a time when foods healed, the body was viewed as a wise, integrated and whole system and the "evidence" came from what the patient was "feeling" and how the body was responding.  This is the essence of Knowingly Nourished.

Knowingly Nourished is a journey of discovery.  Inviting your body back in and asking it to participate and thrive.  Finding those A-ha moments of peace and balance.  Recognizing that balanced nutrition isn't only about what we eat, but also about the how, when and why we eat.

It may take some practice.  I'll ask you to be curious.  Together, we'll investigate and find a place where you feel Knowingly Nourished. 


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